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It is essential that you take out adequate travel insurance when you journey to the UK to study. Navitas offers invaluable travel cover – NavInsure – designed for international students travelling from their home country to study in the UK.

The Summary of Cover below outlines the important information that you will need to consider prior to making an informed decision over your travel insurance purchase.

Our international student travel insurance is provided by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. All beneficiaries receive cover benefits by virtue of the group policy issued to the group policyholder. The group policyholder for all our UK Colleges is Navitas UK Holdings Limited, registered address; The Lambourn, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon, OX14 1UJ. Please see ‘Regulatory Status’ below for more information.

What is a beneficiary:

A beneficiary is a person (in this case a student applicant purchasing NavInsure when planning to study in the UK at a Navitas College) who is known as the policyholder to which the cover of insurance applies to.

Navinsure Summary of Cover

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What You Are Covered For

Some of the benefits of cover include reimbursement of prepaid course fees due to cancelling, cutting short or repeating a course due to accident, illness or sickness; the cost of bringing a relative to the UK following a medical emergency; medical costs which are not covered by the National Health Service if you are taken ill or have an accident and the insurance will cover your legal liability to pay damages if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property.

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The table is a summary of cover only and the group policy is subject to terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Please refer to the applicable sections of the group policy wording found here . The benefits set out above are the maximum amounts paid under each section per beneficiary per trip unless otherwise noted in the group policy wording.

Aggregate limit: The maximum aggregate amount payable for all claims arising out of or in connection with any one event under each section shall not exceed the maximum amount stated in the table above.

Key benefits:

  • Cover for over 90 sports and activities are included as standard under this policy and full details are available within the policy document.
  • Cover applies whilst a beneficiary is studying in the UK and is automatically extended at the beginning and end of each academic term whilst they are making a direct trip to and from their home.
  • Cover is extended outside the UK if travel is a required part of a beneficiary’s study course.
  • Cover is extended for leisure trips to Europe to a maximum of 21 days during the period of cover.
  • If a student needs to pause/defer their studies after their coverage has commenced, their insurance coverage can be paused. The insurance can then be switched on again once the student recommences their studies, but it must be activated no more than 12 months after pausing it. Whilst the insurance is paused, cancellation terms continue to apply.

If a student needs to pause/defer their studies after their coverage has commenced, their insurance coverage can be paused. The insurance can then be switched on again once the student recommences their studies, but it must be activated no more than 12 months after pausing it. Whilst the insurance is paused, cancellation terms continue to apply.

Principal exclusions:

  • The excess amount of each claim made by each person under each cover section where an excess is payable.
  • Baggage or valuables left unattended – subject to terms set out in the policy.
  • Any event which you were aware of at the time of taking the insurance or booking your trip (whichever is later) that could give rise to a claim.
  • Any trip which has already begun when you take out this insurance.
  • Any pre-existing medical condition relating to any reason set out under ‘Important conditions relating to health’ in the policy.
  • Participation in any professional sports or entertainment
  • There is no cover for manual work unless listed within the policy as acceptable.
  • Your travel to any country or specified area or event when the FCDO or the World Health Organisation has advised against travel.
  • Your own unlawful action or any criminal proceedings against you.
  • Your inability to travel due to your failure to hold, obtain or produce a valid passport or any required visa in time for the booked trip.
  • Any claims arising from the use of drugs (other than prescribed treatments), drinking too much alcohol or alcohol abuse.
  • Any amount recoverable from any other source such as your airline, accommodation provider, ATOL bond or debit/credit card provider.
  • Any claim due to a cause which is not insured under the selected level of cover.
  • Treatment or surgery which, in the opinion of the medical practitioner in attendance, can wait until your return home.
  • Medication, which prior to departure is known to be required.

Restrictions on the cover:

  • You can only purchase this insurance if you are studying a degree, language course or other recognised qualification in the UK.
  • This policy is not available to anyone aged 66 or over at the time of departure.
  • This cover is only available to those who are registered with a GP in their home country. Students studying in the UK for 6 months or more must also be registered with a GP in the UK.
  • Policies cover emergency medical treatment, it is not private health insurance, be aware of excessive treatment charges.

Travel Insurance Eligibility

The beneficiary and anyone accepted for cover under the group policy MUST be:

  • registered under the healthcare system in their home country.
  • registered with a medical practitioner in the United Kingdom (UK) if covered under the group policy for six months or more.
  • travelling from and returning to their home country.
  • an international student studying for a degree or other recognised qualification at a College or University in the UK or studying a language course at an Accredited Language School in the UK.

Important conditions relating to health:

You must comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of the group policy. If you do not comply the group policy may be cancelled, or a claim may be refused, or the amount of any claim payment reduced. It is a condition of the policy that you will not be covered for any claims arising directly or indirectly from:

  • At the time of taking out this policy:
    • Any medical condition you have or have had for which:
      • symptoms or diagnosis has occurred within the last 12 months or
      • there has been a change in treatment (including medication, dosage, surgery, tests, investigations or diet) in the last 12 months.
    • Any medical condition where you, a close relative, or a close business associate:
      • are waiting for an operation, hospital consultation (other than for regular check-ups), or other hospital treatment or investigation.
      • have, within the last six months, been seen by a specialist (other than for regular check-ups), had an operation or other hospital treatment or investigation.
      • have received a terminal prognosis.
      • have not had a diagnosis.
    • Any circumstances you are aware of that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim on this policy.
      • Any medical condition you have in respect of which you are travelling against medical advice or for which you are travelling to obtain medical treatment abroad.
      • Any medical condition you have in respect are not taking the recommended treatment or prescribed medication as directed by a medical practitioner.
      • Travel against any health requirements stipulated by the carrier, their handling agents or other public transport provider.

Important Information

This insurance cover is arranged by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. Navitas UK Holdings Limited is an appointed representative of Endsleigh Insurance Service Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This can be checked on the Financial Services Register by visiting its website.

The group policy is provided by Endsleigh and is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Plc. Endsleigh will share the personal details the group policyholder and beneficiaries provide with Zurich Insurance plc. To administer the group policy Zurich Insurance Plc will hold and use information about the group policyholder and beneficiaries supplied by them (and by medical providers). Zurich Insurance Plc may send it in confidence for processing in the Zurich Insurance Plc group (or to other companies acting on Zurich Insurance Plc instructions) including those located outside the European Economic Area, however, Zurich Insurance Plc has taken appropriate steps to ensure the same (or equivalent) level of protection of information in other countries in the EU. Applications for further information should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at Zurich Insurance Plc.

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited, company no. 856706 registered in England at: 2 Des Roches Square, Witney, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, OX28 4LE.

Complaints procedure:

If a beneficiary wishes to make a complaint, in the first instance, please contact the person who originally dealt with the

enquiry. They will aim to resolve the complaint on the same day. Alternatively, the beneficiary can contact Endsleigh:

By post:
Customer Experience Department
Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd.
Quadrangle, Imperial Square
Cheltenham GL50 1PZ
by phone: 0800 085 8698

If the beneficiary’s complaint is not resolved to their satisfaction, they have the right to ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to review their case. The Ombudsman can be contacted at:
0800 023 4567

What if I change my mind?

A beneficiary may withdraw from participation in the group policy at any time by giving notice of that intention to the group policyholder. Any return of premium will be calculated from the date such participation ceases, provided the beneficiary has not travelled or been the subject of a claim during any period for which cover was provided, in which case no refund will be due.

We reserve the right to charge a reasonable administration fee.

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