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If you are applying for on-campus accommodation starting in January 2024, please be aware that there is very high demand, and you will need to apply as soon as possible after receiving your KU Student ID and password. Accommodation will respond very quickly, so you need to be checking your emails at least once a day to respond once you have applied.

All students must arrange accommodation no further than 45 minutes commute from the Keele University campus. Any further commute must have prior approval from the College Director and Principal of Keele University International College (KUIC). Students who choose accommodation further away than 45 minutes will be required to move closer to campus to complete enrolment and be permitted to study at KUIC and Keele University.

The below section offers detailed information of our high quality on-campus and off-campus accommodation options.

As a campus university, Keele has over 2,800 bedrooms on site, all within a short walk of the centre of campus.

University accommodation is all based on campus, meaning you will be in walking distance from your classes and all the amazing facilities, including the library, shops, and student bar. There are also acres of green space to explore, relax in or take part in outdoor pursuits. You will find accommodation that suits you and your budget.

Facilities in all accommodation options include:

• Shared kitchen facilities

• Shared or en-suite bathroom facilities (dependent on option chosen)

• Launderette

• Wi-Fi

• 24/7 security

Once you receive your CAS you automatically receive a Keele University Student ID and specific information on booking your accommodation. To find out more information on Keele University accommodation please follow this link: Accommodation – Keele University

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